Selling for the Right Price

As a seller you may ask yourself, (as you are sitting down with the Realtor(s), that you are interviewing), 
"how do I know I am not underselling my house?".
After all, for most of you, your home is the largest investment you have.
So when you are sitting down with a realtor, make sure you understand the approach that realtor is suggesting.
Is it 1. Listing "Under The Market" to get many offers 2. Listing "At Market" or 3. Listing "Above the Market".
Listing Under the Market works in a super excited market where inventory is low and buyer's will naturally push the price hopefully to Market value or above.
Listing at Market gives the seller peace of mind knowing that they are not undercutting their value, and finally, selling just Above the Market. This last scenario is when a market is climbing super fast and you can hold on till it catches up, if you have the leisure of time. This last scenario is helpful if you need time to buy the next right home for you.